Mia-Maria Moriild specializes in creating unique artistic tattoos. She tattoos either by hand using the technique “handpoke” or by machine. Her tattooing style is gentle and all designs are unique oneofone pieces, drawn by hand. -All rights reserved.

Direct booking and info via email: mail@moriild.com

Kunsten på Kroppen 
Rådhusstræde 15 
1466 København K 

Biogragraphy Mia-Maria Moriild has worked with art and craft all her life and through this has trained her eye-hand coordination and the creative process of creating, whether it is in clay, stone, textile or drawing and tattooing, originally graduated from the Royal Academy of art and design in 2006.

Her work with the tattoo profession began in 2016 and at the beginning of 2019 she was invited to join the team at Kunsten på Kroppen in Copenhagen.

In her work, she is not only driven by her great passion for craftsmanship and the creative transformative processes, but also the human and esoteric part, where she sees herself not only as a craftsman, but a facilitator of a magical and safe sphere where inspiration , craftsmanship and the often deeper transformative meaning for her clients can take place during a tattoo session.

She herself loves the powerful manifestation that lies at the center of perfect timing, where the movement of the hand, the depth of the needle and the presence of her mind leave a meaningful mark on the client’s skin that will follow the client through life as a living work of art.

She specializes in hand tattooing without a machine and creating unique custom designed tattoos especially for the client. However, she is also trained with a machine and chooses this if this technique best suits the piece of work to be created.

For those where this resonates, she offers ceremonial sessions.