Mia-Maria Moriild specializes in creating unique artistic tattoos. Her tattooing style is gentle and all designs are oneofone pieces, drawn by hand. -All rights reserved.

Direct booking and info via email: mail@moriild.com

Skin & Bone – Private studio, open by appoinment only

Lybækgade 8B

2300 København S

Biogragraphy Mia-Maria Moriild has worked with art and craft all her life and through this has trained her eye-hand coordination and the creative process of creating, originally graduated from the Royal Academy/KADK, in 2006

In 2015, after 12 years of devoted study and work with arts and crafts, specializing in creating porcelain, she grew tired of the growing tendency towards mass production within her profession as a Ceramicist and felt it wasent quit right to focus on massproducing eny things at all for that matter, since the world was allready overfloding with things and she knew it was time to change the way she followed her creative calling. She longed for something more environmentally friendly that would only contribute very limited to consumerism/capitalism and she missed having a deeper encounter with her clients.

In 2015, she closed her first company, “Ceramics Magic” and got a regular job in a cafe where after a year, thrue quit magical ways, she found her new calling, to start learning to tattoo. As soon as she started telling the outside world that now she was ready to create on skin, people who already knew her artworks from before, lined up to let her mark their skin for life. This made her incredibly touched and grateful and gave her a feeling of deep humbleness.

This beautiful feeling, alongside her passion for creating, is a very important driving force in her work.

From 2019-2023 she has been a resident artist at Kunsten på Kroppen by Kai Uwe Faust, where after 4 good years she decided to let go and seek new paths in her search for new inspiration and further development of her work and is with great joy continuing her passionate journey of creating well crafted artistic tattoos at Skin & Bone by Colin Dale in Copenhagen.

She specializes in both hand tattooing without a machine and fineline tattooing with machine.

Ceremonial sessions

For those where this resonates, she offers ceremonial sessions.

In Ceremonial sessions she combines tattooing with elements from Nordic shamanism and energy healing/Usui shiki Ryoho Reiki.