“In ancient times, the psychological value of each tattoo was very much associated with the spiritual sphere”

In her work with Nordic historical reference, Moriild has great experience with Nordic mythology, runes, runic magic, bindrunes and creating tattoo designs based on archaeological objects and folklore, either with direct reference or to create creative innovations – One of one custom artworks

All work with Historical Nordic reference is done by hand without a machine
One of one custom artworks. ©All rights reserved

Big thanks to Kai Uwe Faust/ Nordic tattoo, for introducing me to the Nordic design and tattoo tradition and for being such an big inspiration for me on my path, both as a human and as an artist.

It has been an honour to have been working from Kunsten på Kroppen by Kai Uwe Faust 2019-2023

New trails from 2023 and on: Happely continuing my passionate work creating handcrafted artistic tattoos, from Skin & Bone by Colin Dale Tattoo


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