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Frequently asked questions

How do i make an appointment?

To make and appointment, write an email to Give me an brief explanation of your idea and wishes, thoughts about size and placement, and attach 1-3 pictures for inspiration and reference. I will reply as soon as i can with feedback on your idea, price estimation as well as possible dates for your future tattoo session

How do i prepare best for my tattoo session?

I allways advise my customers to eat healthy and make sure to be  well-rested before the appointment. For longer sessions, you can bring some snacks, sodas and food to consume during the breaks to keep your blood sugar stabile during the session.

How much does it hurt?

Everybody relate different to the pain and for most of my clients it is much less then they exspected and for many the pain during the session induce a trance like state of mind that can promote healing and mental relief. I am known for my gentle tattoo style and the “energetic safe space” i create for my customers

What ink do you use?

I stricktly use high quality aproved ink that is vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic. Of course, it can never be completely ruled out that allergic reactions can occur, but this is extremely rare when using the highest quality approved ink. If you have known allergies, please inform them. All ink is registered according to the safety regulations in Denmark, so you, as a consumer can be sure that the ink that has been used on you has been approved by the Safety Agency and can be traced back 5 years

Payment, Deposit and cancellation

To book a time, you will need to pay a deposit, which of course will be withdrawn from the final price after your tattoo-session. Deposits is payed by bank-transfer and the amount is either 500 or 1000 DKR depending on the length of your appointment.  Note: Deposit is non-refundable.   Cancellations must be announced no later than 5 days before the appointment and then your deposit will be transferred to a new appointment.

I always give a price estimate in advance so you have something to relate to. Some prices are project based and some is set by an hourly rate.

The starting price is 800DKR

Forms of payment:

I accept payment by bank-transfer and cash. There is an ATM just across the street from the shop

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